Grace Notes: As Edwin Edwards enjoys golden years, one more enemy’s body floats through

most likely no one else who’s actually been to penal complex has led as charmed a lifestyles as Edwin Edwards.

At very nearly 91, the 4-time period governor nevertheless has superstar vigour. At a recent fundraising roast of present Gov. John Bel Edwards for Delgado neighborhood faculty, probably the most memorable jokes that weren’t through Edwin Edwards were about him. At home, he’s elevating a young son along with his third, tons more youthful wife Trina, his onetime pen good friend from when he served time for playing corruption.

And face it, a lot of his adversaries from his long term in politics have had some glowing rough times.

There’s David Vitter, who played the self-righteous legislative watchdog during Edwards’ last term in workplace, only to be embroiled in a prostitution scandal as a U.S. senator and eventually rejected by using the voters when he ran for governor.

There’s Bobby Jindal, the younger governor who bought himself  as a treatment to Edwards-style politics, however left workplace rated far worse by means of voters in a single poll.

There’s Jim Letten, the career prosecutor who despatched Edwards away and have become a crusading U.S. legal professional in New Orleans before he resigned amid an embarrassing online commenting scandal through some of his desirable assistants.

And there’s Eddie Jordan, the U.S. attorney and Letten’s boss at the time of Edwards’ conviction, who followed that up with a hapless flip as district legal professional in New Orleans. Now a non-public legal professional, Jordan turned into accused this week of making an attempt to pass an envelope of marijuana and prescription tablets to an inmate in court and is now below investigation by way of the Orleans Parish Sheriff’s workplace.

4da1a46ec20cf93ee5c846a51e04f0ed.”The chinese language have a announcing that if you sit down by using the river lengthy sufficient, the lifeless physique of your enemy will come floating down the river,” Edwards, who’d been targeted in numerous corruption investigations for years, pointed out backyard the courthouse simply after he became convicted in 2000. “I feel the feds sat by the river lengthy enough, so right here comes my body.”

at the moment, you’ve received to wonder if Edwards goes out and scans the Mississippi daily, just to see which of his enemies comes floating with the aid of.


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Grace Notes: As Edwin Edwards enjoys golden years, one more enemy’s body floats through

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